Recently, I had the pleasure of doing a shoot with two very talented artists in their own right; singer / songwriter – Niqa Mor and photographer – Mike “Reel Mckay”. Niqa is modeling some of my newest jewelry, including my new crystal chokers!

Earlier last month I had the pleasure of co-curating the AV8TED – Excellence Trunk Show. This event was filled with great vibes, positive energy, and extremely talented individuals. We had live performances from artists like Freelance and Marcus Miller, and handmade items like jewelry and clothing from myself, and S. Garvey . For more information on AV8TED and our upcoming events, please visit .

Please see below for pictures!

On Friday, June 10th I had the pleasure of showcasing my jewelry at the Driven Society – Impact Culture showcase at Studio 301 NYC. There were panel discussions, live music performances, and free drinks! See below for pics from the event!

So as you all know I consider myself a accessory and jewelry designer, but along the way I have picked up a few other things that I am apparently good at, including photography. Please see below for some pictures that I took for my friend, Diomara’s birthday.I assisted her in the creative direction of this shoot and of course all of her jewelry is made by me!

A couple Saturday’s ago I had the pleasure of modeling and accessorizing a photoshoot for my friends lifestyle brand, The Frat Haus. The Frat Haus has been known to throw some great events in the Brooklyn and NYC area, from networking mixers to chicken and waffle parties, and now they have merch! To view their new products and for more info on The Frat Haus visit – .

PhotographerJuliano Riscala

Also, a majority of the jewelry and accessories that you will see in these shots are compliments of yours truly!

On Sunday, January 17th, 2016 my friend DJ Buzy and his team from Wanted World Wide threw a rooftop party and networking mixer at the Oo Bar and Lounge in Flushing, NY. The mixer was hosted by King Sharif from HOT 97, and of course I had to come through and showcase some of my jewelry alongside the many other talented vendors in attendance.

Special thank you to the homies Dot & HAZ from AV8TED for capturing this footage for me!

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So let me start this off by saying that I know i’m not Carmen Sandiego, this is Tatiana here lol! I know I have been off the grid for a few months now, and i’ve been slacking even more with the blog posts but trust me the wait will certainly be worth it!!

With this blog post I will be sharing with you guys some of the things that I have been working on and some of the things that I have in store for the future.

From January to now a lot has changed, especially in regards to the direction in which I am taking my line right now. When I first started making jewelry I didn’t know where it was going to take me and if anyone was even going to like my creations. However, October,2015 will be ILIA by Tatiana Ilia’s 4 year anniversary and the positive feedback and support that I have been getting is insane! THANK YOU!!! Xoxo

In terms of my creations, everything will still be handmade, but I do plan on dabbling into a few custom designs that will be manufactured. I am also starting to incorporate more healing gem stones and spiritual figures / symbolism because I want my creations to spread positive energy and love to anyone and everyone!

In terms of my non profit work, I do plan on finding another NPO to work with but this time it will be in New York and I want to deal directly with women and children. Haiti is still very close to my heart and Join The Journey is still working hard to help families in Haiti but I believe that right now my support is especially needed in my home-state of New York.

All in all, I just wanted to give you all an update of what i’ve been up to and I also wanted to thank you for your continuous love and support, it is always appreciated! Please continue to follow me on my journey, I promise you will not be disappointed! Xoxo

I know that I have not been posting on here as much as I was but not to worry, I will get back to it very soon! I have just been doing a lot of behind the scenes work recently, but if you follow me on my social media pages then i’m sure that you know that I am still working! lol

Anywho, a couple months back I participated in a panel discussion held by one of my friends from college, Ebvu Titilayo, from VLTV. The title of this discussion/event is “Bring Back Our Queens”, and the purpose of it was to share the positive works of a few talented African American women from our very vibrant generation.

Please see below to view the video footage from the amazing discussions that we were able to have.

On Saturday, November 1st, 2014, I coordinated a photo-shoot at a loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to present my newest collection of jewelry and accessories. This shoot definitely would not have been made possible if it wasn’t for my awesome team of friends and creative visionaries.

I had the pleasure of styling, accessorizing, and doing make-up for all of my models, well except for my girl Patrize, she mastered her own smokey eye ;-).

The models that participated in this shoot were Arlenis B. Collado, Caity Byrne, Chris Carus, Niqa Mor, and Patrize Richards.

See below for some behind the scenes footage from this awesome shoot!

On Friday, September 5th 2014, I joined forces with the homies at Sounds Music Group to co-style and accessorize their photo-shoot for the very talented singer, songwriter, and musician, Anthony Flammia aka FLAMM ! I styled the shoot alongside Pierre Jean-Baptiste, who brought out some dope garments from LauNYC / Giofre, and TerrelleTerrelle. Also, the homie PJ came out and brought out some of his pieces from his clothing brand JueParis.

Most importantly, special shout-out to the photographer, Nancy Musinguzi, for capturing these awesome shots!

Please see below for pictures from this dope shoot!

On Saturday, August 23rd 2014, I was given the pleasure of accessorizing a photo-shoot for an emerging lifestyle apparel brand entitled Dream Route. The mission of this brand is to “inspire visionaries and dream chasers of this world to reach out and go after their goals”.

With that being said, it’s easy to say that after learning more about the mission statement behind Dream Route, I fell in love with the concept behind the brand. Special thanks to the Isaiah Jackson for having me take part in his photo-shoot, and Naika Colas for being such an awesome stylist. Also, special thanks to the talented models!

See below to check out pictures from the shoot!

Special Shout-out to Jamal Cormier from Solid Rock Photography for the photos above!

See below for more footage, captured by myself: