Hope For Capvva Fundraiser

Hope for Capvva Fundraiser Event @ MAGNET Lounge

Date & Time: Saturday, June 22nd, 2013 from 3PM – 7PM

Location: MAGNET Lounge, 241-05 Linden Blvd, Elmont, NY 11003

Admission: $10 – Sold at the door & on www.Tatianailia.com

The purpose of this fundraiser is to help a non-profit organization entitled Join the Journey, raise money to relocate, provide medical assistance, and employ the families living at an IDP Camp in Cite Soleil, Haiti called Capvva.

In January 2013 my friend (Francis Mitra) and I (Tatiana Ilia) took a trip to Haiti to get a better look at Haiti’s culture, environment, and long time poverty issues. During my trip I met with several individuals that are involved in different causes that are intended to help repair the lives of impoverished Haitian natives. One organization that stood out to me the most was Join The Journey, which is a Christian based organization that is currently helping several families in Haiti that are still living in tents after the tragic earthquake that struck Haiti in January, 2010. The campsite/community in which the families have been residing is called Capvva, which is located in Cite Soleil, Haiti. After visiting Capvva, I made a promise to myself, and the people there that I would try to help make a difference to the best of my capability. With that being said, I am organizing this fundraiser to instill a sense of hope into the lives of these distressed yet very resilient families.

Join The Journey’s Current Efforts for Capvva:
Join The Journey is currently working with several organizations, including a few financial institutions, to relocate the families of Capvva and provide them with rent grants, microloans, and transitional shelters.
Rent Grants: So far Join the Journey has given $500 to 7 Capvva residents so that they could get their own home.
Micro Loans: Microloans of about $300 have been given to 6 Capvva residents so far, which will allow them to start their own business and create a substantial income for themselves and their families.
Transitional Shelters: These shelters will be built in Titanyen, Haiti and each transitional shelter will provide housing for up to 8 individuals in a family. It is going to take about $1500 for each transitional shelter to be built.

The area in which the families of Capvva will be relocating to is called Titanyen, and Join the Journey is already working on bulldozing the land, and plans to revive the areas agriculture. Once the transitional shelters are built, families will be able to cultivate their own crops and provide food and a source of income for themselves and family members. Aside from reviving Titanyen’s agriculture and building the transitional shelters, Join the Journey is working diligently to build partnerships with individuals and organizations that would be willing to assist in teaching the families of Capvva different trades that could help those families become self sufficient.

Join the Journey is also working with several individuals within the medical field. The pictures below are from this past May when several doctors and nurses went to visit Capvva to provide medical assistance to the families there.

To Check Out Join The Journey’s Website Please Visit: www.JTJourney.org
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If you are touched by Capvva’s story and would like to help out, please feel free to email me at Tatiana@Tatianailia.com