House of Hope Orphanage in Haiti

“Lesley (on far right) was a Vietnam Vet. Upon his return to the states, he knew he had to come back to Haiti and help the children in need. The original orphanage was in Port au Prince. During the earthquake, he lost 4 children & his foot was caught between the ceiling and the door frame for 13 hours. A Vietnamese volunteer was able to crank the ceiling off of his leg. He then moved the orphanage to his home.” – Maggie Guercy

After the massive Earthquake in 2010, individuals of all ages and ethnic backgrounds made the conscious effort to help the people of Haiti as much as they could by donating clothing, food, medical supplies, shoes, toys, and toiletries. I am writing this blog post to remind as many people as I possibly could that the people of Haiti still need assistance. Rebuilding an environment that underwent great turmoil does not occur overnight, it takes several years to see a dramatic improvement. With that being said, I am asking you to donate whatever items you can to the House of Hope Orphanage in Haiti.

My cousin and I will be collecting items for the next 2 weeks, new and lightly worn items in all sizes, including shoes, socks, under garments, and clothes will be greatly appreciated. Also, sheets, towels, mattress covers, toiletry items, non perishable food, medical supplies, and school supplies would be highly appreciated as well.

There will be drop off locations in NJ & NY, and I will get the addresses for you as soon as they are finalized.

I can also attempt to pick the items up from you, just send me an email at and let me know if you would like to help!

Thank you in advance!

Below are some pictures from when my cousin visited and brought items for the people at the House of Hope Orphanage in December, 2011.