Monthly Archives: June 2012

“Lesley (on far right) was a Vietnam Vet. Upon his return to the states, he knew he had to come back to Haiti and help the children in need. The original orphanage was in Port au Prince. During the earthquake, he lost 4 children & his foot was caught between the ceiling and the door […]

Today I had an interview with two of my homies from The TFSociety, they have been blogging for a while now and hit me up to do a profile regarding my line, so of coarse I was with it. The article should be coming out soon, and when it does I will make sure to […]

Being from New York, you are bound to randomly meet all sorts of super creative people but this person that I met was not found on the streets of NYC, I actually met him on Instagram. Instagram is a fairly new and popular social network that allows its users to share their beliefs, creativity, lives, […]

As I was surfing the web, I came across this image which was so cool to me. The image included artificial reefs disguised as sculptures, which is ultimately supposed to encourage the natural ecological process underwater. When I learned that I thought WOW, these sculptures are not just works of art, they are also used […]

To be completely honest, when I first saw the Cindy Sherman exhibit at the MoMA I was amazed yet confused. I was amazed at the exhibit as a whole because her works of art had a great deal of character and vibrancy. However, at the same time I was confused because I was not completely […]