Monthly Archives: January 2012

Today is EITC Awareness Day, this is a day created by the IRS that is dedicated to the Earned Income Tax Credit. Anyone earning $49,078 or less from wages, self-employment, or farming in 2011 should see if they qualify for this tax credit. Eligible working taxpayers must file federal income tax returns-even if they are […]

Artist and musician LPREZZ from People of Exile wearing the Ilia by Tatiana Ilia Black & Gold Beaded Bracelet. To Hear Music from LPREZZ Visit:

The homie Jaison, also known as JSUN free-styling. Check It Out! Compliments of Francis Mitra

Today the homie Bryant Dope dropped his second music video off of his upcoming mix-tape, Queens Kids. The song is called Everything Gorgeous. Shot and edited by Kevin Caldwell & Max Goodrich. Produced by the talented Marc Rivera. Check it out! Click Here to Download “Everything Gorgeous”