New York native Tatiana Ilia is an eclectic lover of the arts that in October of 2011 founded her jewelry accessory line, Ilia by Tatiana Ilia. Ilia by Tatiana Ilia jewelry varies from costume to fine jewelry, but each piece is designed and brought to life by the owner Tatiana Ilia. From the most simple to complex pieces, she takes great pride in sharing her visual aesthetics with her customers by creating pieces that are each a work of art in their own way.

As a child Tatiana Ilia always had a great love and passion for the arts and fashion, but at the same time she always wanted to give back to those in need. These interests spearheaded her line, as a means to fulfill her creative aspirations, while also giving back to those living in unfortunate circumstances. Tatiana Ilia has many short and long term goals for intertwining her philanthropic aspirations with her line, and as you follow her on her journey you will see all of those aspirations come to life. She is currently working with several organizations based in the land of her ancestors, Haiti, to assist the many impoverished families residing there, especially those that are still living in harsh conditions after the devastating earthquake in 2010.

The objectives of this collection are to embrace diversity, enhance individuality, and reinforce self-expression, but at the same time she wants to reinforce the importance of giving back to those in dire need of help.

"Never be afraid to express yourself, enhance your infinite beauty by embracing your infinite individuality." - Tatiana Ilia